Monday, 21 November 2016

ABC holidaywriting

My holidays.
A: Ate an Apple-Todd
B: Bought a bow-Mia
C: Climbed a climbing wall at the Margaret Mahy playground-Mia
D: Decided to light a fire-Todd
E: Embraced Ambroshore-Mia
F: Fished 7 fish at once-Mia
G: Grandparents, I visited my grandparents for the holidays-Mia
H: Hiked up a Montine-Todd
 I: Investigated inflatable world--Mia
J: Jumped on the bouncy trampolines-Mia
K: kitten,I saw a kitten coming near my house-Mia
L: Lachlan shot a block of wood-Todd
M: Movies I saw Miss peregrine's home for peculiar children-Mia
N: Nelson I flyed to Nelson for the holidays-Mia 
O: One handed cartwheel,I learnt how to do a one handed cartwheel-Mia 
P: Pet a lamb-Todd
Q: Quilt that I am creating-Mia 
R: Rollerskating-Mia 
S: Shot a rabbit-Todd 
T: Three black cats ran In Front of the car-Todd 
U: United with my uncle and auntie-Mia 
V: Vomited on the way to nan and pops-Todd
W: Went fishing for whitebait-Todd 
X: X-Men I went and saw X-Men at the movies-Todd 
Y: Yodeled on the top of a montine-Todd 
Z: Zoe and I flew on a plane together.-Mia 

Monday, 5 September 2016

DT 6-09-2016

Today at discovery time I did two things I made slime ( which did not work out )
And I also recorded a fashion show that Sophie starred in.
A highlight of my DT was when we did the fashion show because it was a handful of fun. And I liked looking at all Sophie's clothes she is very lucky.
A downside to my DT was when my slime didn't work out because it didn't Dissolve correctly.
A goal for next time is don't zoom onto Ruby's teeth because someone has disliked the way I used the camera.
The dress I like the most out of schools back, night twinkle, blackout and summer showdown  but my fav was night twinkle because it was very shiny and really Posh and just amazing.
I think that that one was the best by far!!
I still liked all the outfits that I saw.

The first time I made the slime I used dishwashing liquid instead of borax and I used paste glue instead
of Pva glue.
And the 2nd time I used borax instead of dishwashing liquid and I also used Pva Glue instead of paste glue.
So obviously the 2nd time worked better.

My slime turned out mushy and water was flooding out because some of the mixture was water.
So I had to chuck it out in the bin.
By Mia Edkins :)


Have you ever lied to someone that you admire
I think that we should start telling the truth.
Have you heard someone say those big fat lies.
Imagine if the liar's pants actually caught on fire now I would like to see that.
I bet a lot of you can connect with this story because maybe you have lied to someone or you have even been told one.

Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.

Let's take a blast to the past (well really it was only yesterday)
“Darling have you taken your pills”, “umm yes mum”I cringed That was a close one luckily I got a way with that one AGAIN!
So I have told a lie to my own mother.Yep that's me nice little Mia.  But when I sit down to think about it, it's me who's going to have the bad skin. So really why lie, I should have just taken my pill. 

If someone lied to you and said they had tickets to a Katy perry concert next Friday night and raved to everyone but then you saw them on Instagram at a church service, one would have to ask themselves why they had to lie in the first place.

Pranking people is sort of the same like if you sneakily conduct a joke on your older sibling for example putting a rubber snake in her bed to freak her out, that will teach her for making me clean the toilets!
I mean some lies are funny to other people with there eyes peeled on the pranker like there's nothing else to watch.
But I think that pranks can be funny but if you ruin the prank by confessing it wasn't you. That is called lying.

The awkward moment when someone lies but then you smile and no one believes you.
I think
Some lies are harmless; little white lies for example when you tell someone they're haircut looks fantastic but really it looks like you have been run over by a lawn mower but we do this so as not to hurt people's feelings. 
So in this case a small white lie is ok but just don't do it very often.

Did you know that people tell 200 lies per day not just me but every single one of you as well.

Because the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth and when you lie it's closer to goodbye.
Did you know that I have known my friend Sophie sence we were 3 or 2  and we are still good friends but in the future we might lie to each other so if you don't want to lose a really good friend then you properly shouldn't lie to each other because you don't want that bound to end.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Discovery time

Today at discovery time I did a dance in the quiet room with Ollie, Megan, Sophie,Emily and Jessica.
Today our focus was deciding what moves we are doing.
A strategy I focused on was listening to the Experts because their were two people that were teaching us new moves for the dance so I needed to sensibly listen to their instructions .

A strategy I needed to work on is listening to the beat and when to do the next move because I was a bit muddled up with the music.
Something new i learnt was some marching.Sophie teached are group some of her marching in are dance.

The role i played was being a student to the leaders.

I showed a growth mindset by focusing my hardest.
Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by not get distracted by the other girls and focus more on the dance so I can show the dance to the class.

Overall I got a lot done today with the dance and I am proud with myself and it should be done in a 3 weeks of practicing 😄

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery time T1 WK 4

Today I was championing gymnastics with Ruby on the field with Emily,Sophie,Grace,Seo hung ,Margaret,Jess, and Megan. 

The role I played was being a leader and improving people's gymnastics.
 The strategy I need to work on is see 3 before me because I needed to finish the rest of my visual Mihi and I need to learn not to bug the teacher and see 3 people before the teacher.

The strategy I used was practice a Lot and lots so I can teach people how to do it.

I showed a growth mindset by being a leader and teaching people how to do handstands. 

Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by be brave and trust myself to do a handstand with full strength.

Overall I am proud of myself by doing a strong and confident handstand.

By Mia 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


My sister learnt how to crawl 2 weeks ago.It seems like yesterday when she learnt how to crawl like a little spider.
All my family on my dad's side were there to see her take her first steps etc: My Dad, My Step Mum, My sister and my 2 dogs.
It happened at my dad's house.
I felt proud because my little sister is growing up so fast!
I also felt sad because I won't get as many hugs as I would have used to because she will be more busy crawling and I think that she won't have time to give me as much hugs like she would used to.
All my family was screaming “ YAY EDEN”!!!
By Mia 

Sunday, 26 June 2016


I have lived in space for more than 100 earth years you might think that i am really old but i am only 10.

I crash landed in a deep dark forest every step I took it would crunch behind me.

I had to leave my spaceship because an Asteroid hit my spaceship and sticky rainbow glop is all around me.
My monster had long stringy arms and legs the colour of peach and 5 eyes as big as the moon and a purple tongue.

I hide In a dark and scary cave with dark mysteries bats hiding in the shadows.

I saw a triangle of strange creatures fly over top of me so I ran after them and seeked a land with lime green grass and little bugs that would crawl around me and little gnom people would hide in their little mushroom houses.

When I arrived at the strange mysterious land they throw me a huge party for me and I jumped in fright but the good type of frightens it was the best party in the hole interior galaxy.

When the alien King showed up I got to my peach knees and begged like a wet dog that wants a treat to get a new spaceship.

When I took of from this great place to returned home and I felt a mixture of Emotions sad,happy,and excited to go home and see my family.
By mia