Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Discovery time

Today at discovery time I did a dance in the quiet room with Ollie, Megan, Sophie,Emily and Jessica.
Today our focus was deciding what moves we are doing.
A strategy I focused on was listening to the Experts because their were two people that were teaching us new moves for the dance so I needed to sensibly to their instructions .

A strategy need to work on is listening to the beat and when to do the next move because I was a bit muddled up with the music.
Something new i learnt was some marching Sophie teaches are group some and we used some of her marching in are dance.

The role i played was being a student to the leaders.

I showed a growth mindset by focusing my hardest.
Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by not get distracted by the other girls and focus more on the dance so I can show the dance to the class.

Overall I got a lot done today with the dance and I am proud with myself and it should be done in a 3 weeks of practicing.

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  1. Great way to display your d.t (discovery time) reflection. overall love your sentence about a strategy you need to work on.