Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The golden popcorn monster...

 I heard the golden popcorn monster whirring and buzzing. I could smell the heavenly popcorn and I imagined it dancing in my head. The popcorn smelt like butter and  salt but it didn't have butter or salt on it just was freshly air made popcorn

It tasted plain and salty but it was yummy! .

The golden popcorn monster was shooting popcorn and tincey seeds at people, and purposely not aiming for the bowl. The popcorn looked like wool from a sheep.
The popcorn was busting to escape from its prison, I reminded me of bullets of a gun.
I wonder what I would see if I put two packets in a once, maybe it would explode,Like a volcano.

It felt like a tiny cloud in my hand it was also soft like a cloud too.


  1. Hi I loved reading this

  2. Great piece of writing Mia love the words you used

  3. That's awesome my mouth is watering. Even though I'm not eating it I can taste it.

  4. i really like the part " i imagined it dancing in my head
    now i can definitely see the popcorn dancing in my head.