Sunday, 26 June 2016


I have lived in space for more than 100 earth years you might think that i am really old but i am only 10.

I crash landed in a deep dark forest every step I took it would crunch behind me.

I had to leave my spaceship because an Asteroid hit my spaceship and sticky rainbow glop is all around me.
My monster had long stringy arms and legs the colour of peach and 5 eyes as big as the moon and a purple tongue.

I hide In a dark and scary cave with dark mysteries bats hiding in the shadows.

I saw a triangle of strange creatures fly over top of me so I ran after them and seeked a land with lime green grass and little bugs that would crawl around me and little gnom people would hide in their little mushroom houses.

When I arrived at the strange mysterious land they throw me a huge party for me and I jumped in fright but the good type of frightens it was the best party in the hole interior galaxy.

When the alien King showed up I got to my peach knees and begged like a wet dog that wants a treat to get a new spaceship.

When I took of from this great place to returned home and I felt a mixture of Emotions sad,happy,and excited to go home and see my family.
By mia


  1. I like you saying“ I have lived in space more then 100 earth years you might think that I am old but I am only 10.” That makes people fun.

  2. Great writing Mia! I wish that was I real planet!