Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery time T1 WK 4

Today I was championing gymnastics with Ruby on the field with Emily,Sophie,Grace,Seo hung ,Margaret,Jess, and Megan. 

The role I played was being a leader and improving people's gymnastics.
 The strategy I need to work on is see 3 before me because I needed to finish the rest of my visual Mihi and I need to learn not to bug the teacher and see 3 people before the teacher.

The strategy I used was practice a Lot and lots so I can teach people how to do it.

I showed a growth mindset by being a leader and teaching people how to do handstands. 

Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by be brave and trust myself to do a handstand with full strength.

Overall I am proud of myself by doing a strong and confident handstand.

By Mia 

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