Monday, 5 September 2016

DT 6-09-2016

Today at discovery time I did two things I made slime ( which did not work out )
And I also recorded a fashion show that Sophie starred in.
A highlight of my DT was when we did the fashion show because it was a handful of fun. And I liked looking at all Sophie's clothes she is very lucky.
A downside to my DT was when my slime didn't work out because it didn't Dissolve correctly.
A goal for next time is don't zoom onto Ruby's teeth because someone has disliked the way I used the camera.
The dress I like the most out of schools back, night twinkle, blackout and summer showdown  but my fav was night twinkle because it was very shiny and really Posh and just amazing.
I think that that one was the best by far!!
I still liked all the outfits that I saw.

The first time I made the slime I used dishwashing liquid instead of borax and I used paste glue instead
of Pva glue.
And the 2nd time I used borax instead of dishwashing liquid and I also used Pva Glue instead of paste glue.
So obviously the 2nd time worked better.

My slime turned out mushy and water was flooding out because some of the mixture was water.
So I had to chuck it out in the bin.
By Mia Edkins :)

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