Monday, 5 September 2016


Have you ever lied to someone that you admire
I think that we should start telling the truth.
Have you heard someone say those big fat lies.
Imagine if the liar's pants actually caught on fire now I would like to see that.
I bet a lot of you can connect with this story because maybe you have lied to someone or you have even been told one.

Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.

Let's take a blast to the past (well really it was only yesterday)
“Darling have you taken your pills”, “umm yes mum”I cringed That was a close one luckily I got a way with that one AGAIN!
So I have told a lie to my own mother.Yep that's me nice little Mia.  But when I sit down to think about it, it's me who's going to have the bad skin. So really why lie, I should have just taken my pill. 

If someone lied to you and said they had tickets to a Katy perry concert next Friday night and raved to everyone but then you saw them on Instagram at a church service, one would have to ask themselves why they had to lie in the first place.

Pranking people is sort of the same like if you sneakily conduct a joke on your older sibling for example putting a rubber snake in her bed to freak her out, that will teach her for making me clean the toilets!
I mean some lies are funny to other people with there eyes peeled on the pranker like there's nothing else to watch.
But I think that pranks can be funny but if you ruin the prank by confessing it wasn't you. That is called lying.

The awkward moment when someone lies but then you smile and no one believes you.
I think
Some lies are harmless; little white lies for example when you tell someone they're haircut looks fantastic but really it looks like you have been run over by a lawn mower but we do this so as not to hurt people's feelings. 
So in this case a small white lie is ok but just don't do it very often.

Did you know that people tell 200 lies per day not just me but every single one of you as well.

Because the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth and when you lie it's closer to goodbye.
Did you know that I have known my friend Sophie sence we were 3 or 2  and we are still good friends but in the future we might lie to each other so if you don't want to lose a really good friend then you properly shouldn't lie to each other because you don't want that bound to end.

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  1. Wow Mia,
    This is an amazing piece of writing.