Monday, 21 November 2016

ABC holidaywriting

My holidays.
A: Ate an Apple-Todd
B: Bought a bow-Mia
C: Climbed a climbing wall at the Margaret Mahy playground-Mia
D: Decided to light a fire-Todd
E: Embraced Ambroshore-Mia
F: Fished 7 fish at once-Mia
G: Grandparents, I visited my grandparents for the holidays-Mia
H: Hiked up a Montine-Todd
 I: Investigated inflatable world--Mia
J: Jumped on the bouncy trampolines-Mia
K: kitten,I saw a kitten coming near my house-Mia
L: Lachlan shot a block of wood-Todd
M: Movies I saw Miss peregrine's home for peculiar children-Mia
N: Nelson I flyed to Nelson for the holidays-Mia 
O: One handed cartwheel,I learnt how to do a one handed cartwheel-Mia 
P: Pet a lamb-Todd
Q: Quilt that I am creating-Mia 
R: Rollerskating-Mia 
S: Shot a rabbit-Todd 
T: Three black cats ran In Front of the car-Todd 
U: United with my uncle and auntie-Mia 
V: Vomited on the way to nan and pops-Todd
W: Went fishing for whitebait-Todd 
X: X-Men I went and saw X-Men at the movies-Todd 
Y: Yodeled on the top of a montine-Todd 
Z: Zoe and I flew on a plane together.-Mia 

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